Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Dinner

Sunday Dinner

A typical Sunday dinner for me would be what you see in the photo above. Hubby Dean usually has some sort of steak in place of the salmon. This is the one day of the week that I eat a pescetarian diet rather than complete vegetarian. This salmon is wild caught, has no color added, no addatives or preservatives of any kind added to it. I get it from my local "Surplus Outlet" for an amazing $3.69 per pound, so I stock up when they have it available.

Hubby Dean is the Grill Master, and he grills the best salmon ever. Below is his method for grilling my salmon.

Grilled Salmon

Salmon chunks
Italian Dressing--we use Nature's Promise Organic Italian Dressing found at Giant food stores
McCormick's "Mediterranean spiced sea salt"--found in the spice section of your grocery store

Lightly grease a piece of foil with olive oil. Dean forms edges on the foil to keep the oil and juices from dripping off into the grill. Place salmon on the foil and lightly drizzle with Italian dressing and sprinkle with Mediterranean sea salt. Grill on medium heat, turn once and sprinkle second side with Mediterranean sea salt. Do not over cook! This is the most delicious salmon I've ever had!

In addition to the salmon, I also enjoyed one of my favorite veggies, steamed asparagus. The secret to really good asparagus is to not over cook it. I steam mine for just a few minutes so that it's not raw, yet still has a slight crunch to it.

I also love fried summer squash. Since I'm trying to avoid wheat, I use some other kind of flour to coat the squash pieces, such as coconut flour or sorghum flour.

Grilled Salmon, Fried Summer Squash, Steamed Asparagus and Peas---all organic

Fried Summer Squash

Slice summer squash into 1/4" thick rounds--peel before slicing if not organic
moisten slices
coat slices in your choice of flours

Heat small amount of olive oil in a frying pan. Add coated squash, salt and pepper to taste. Fry 'til golden brown on each side.

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