Friday, April 24, 2009

Springtime Salad

Organic Springtime Salad

I stumbled upon another delicious salad combo the other day. Salads, of course, are whatever you want them to be. I had a few ingredients from our organic produce co-op, plus some from my garden. There are only a few ingredients, but it's a happy marriage of flavors and they compliment each other nicely. The lemony taste of the sorrel blends well with the peppery tang of the arugula and fresh onion. Of course, raw cashews taste good with just about anything and add a wonderful texture and vital protein. Feta cheese would probably go well with this salad.

Romain lettuce
Raw cashews
Sweet pepper
Green onion
Violet flowers
Greek dressing--my favorite is a brand called "Gazebo Room"

Fresh ingredients from my organic garden include arugula (left) green onions, sorrel (front and center), and violet flowers

Other ingredients include an organic sweet pepper and romaine lettuce from the organic produce co-op, organic raw cashews, and Greek dressing

A happy marriage of organic ingredients make the perfect salad


  1. Can I say, this looks like the most gorgeous salad I have ever seen in my life? I'm sure it was delicious!!! Salad are pretty much my favorite thing...